Service Plans

Anderson Fuel is much more than oil fuel deliveries. We are your full-service heating and cooling partner. We ensure that your equipment is maintained for peak performance with regularly scheduled service. Should breakdowns occur or you are in need of an equipment upgrade we are right by your side with immediate, professional response. That’s the Anderson difference!

The Anderson Plan

The comprehensive, worry-free plan designed for consumers seeking preferred service and maximum protection against breakdowns and emergencies. It guards you against costly cash outlays and ensures the comfort and safety of your family throughout the year. The Plan is available to residential heating oil customers on automatic delivery who purchase 100% of their heating oil requirements from Anderson Fuel. Plan includes:

  • Visual inspection with vacuum cleaning of the heating appliance and flue pipe to the chimney base as necessary.
  • Remove, clean and/or replace the ignition system, nozzle assembly, electrodes, and filters.
  • Lubrication of motors.
  • Clean and calibrate controls as required.
  • Inspection of all safety devices.
  • Adjust and regulate flame.
  • Conduct efficiency test of the heating appliance and post results nearby.
  • FREE parts as covered under the Plan (see brochure and diagram).
  • FREE labor 24/7/365 for the length of the Plan.

Automatic deliveries are based upon industry-standard calculations of degree days and K factor. In order for degree day calculations to work accurately, each delivery must fill the tank up to 100%. We make deliveries when there is 20-30% remaining in the oil tank. For more information about degree days, click here.

The Annual Budget Plan

We help customers manage heating costs with lower payments spread over the course of the year. Budgeting is based upon 11 months of equal payments for a predetermined estimate of total annual oil usage, and invoiced August through June. The month of July is reserved to adjust for any outstanding balances. Invoices are mailed at the beginning of each month with payment due at the end of the month. Call for more information.

TankSure® – Protection for your Oil Tank

We deliver an ultra-low sulfur bio-fuel that is treated with an additive that makes it burn cleaner, reduces condensation, and protects your oil tank. This allows us to offer the TankSure® oil tank warranty program. We’ll schedule an ultra-sonic testing of your tank to determine its thickness and then provide you with up to $1,500 replacement coverage should it deteriorate or leak. And when it comes time to sell your home, TankSure offers potential buyers additional peace of mind. Call for details.

Senior Discount

We offer discount pricing to our Automatic Delivery customers aged 60 and older. Call with questions and / or to enroll.