Heating Oil Deliveries


At Anderson Fuel, our heating oil comes with tremendous added value. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind knowing that quality fuel is always available and on time, and enjoy a range of options for payment plans, budgeting, automatic deliveries, and 24/7 service by state-certified heating technicians. We don't just deliver fuel oil. We deliver a relationship you can depend on for all your heating and cooling needs. To become a customer, please visit our New Customer Page and submit a New Customer Application.

Storage and Supply

On-Site Fuel Supply guarantees on-time deliveries and emergency response.
  • State-of-the-art, fully secure fuel oil storage facility
  • 100,000 gallons on-site storage capacity


One of the South Shore’s Largest Fleet of Delivery Trucks guarantees delivery for any level of demand, in any weather conditions.
  • 5 clean and modern delivery trucks making more than 120 deliveries per day / 700 deliveries per week during peak heating season
  • Emergency deliveries available
  • Professionally trained CDL drivers
  • Fleet maintenance by full-time Anderson Fuel mechanics at our garage facility in Scituate

Cleaner Heating Oil

  • Ultra-low sulfur home heating oil for a cleaner environment
  • Up to 5% Biofuel added for recycling and reduced waste
  • HeatDoc added for cleaner burning and higher efficiencies with reduced corrosion to parts and equipment of your heating equipment and storage tank.