Our Advantages: Consumer Resources

Whenever possible, we guide our customers toward programs and special offers to save them money.

  • MassSave offers a wide range of rebate offers and incentives making home heating and cooling upgrades more affordable.
  • Equipment Manufacturers regularly offer promotions and savings that we pass on to the consumer.
  • Anderson Fuel offers Senior Discounts and rebates on certain installation services.

Contact MassSave or Anderson Fuel directly with questions regarding available discounts and saving programs. Please note: MassSave programs are not available in Hingham or Hull due to private electric utility services in those areas.

  • MassSave: 866-527-7283 (SAVE)
  • Anderson Fuel: 781-545-0123

MassSave Energy Rebates

MassSave Equipment Rebates

MassSave Financing Options

  • HEAT Loan: 0% financing over 7 years up to $25,000: Click Here
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