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As we write this letter, the costs of all energy products are continuing to increase and reach an all-time high. Many of our customers have called and asked “What can they do ease the burden of high energy costs”?

First, do your best to conserve as much as possible.
Second, we recommend you use our very successful Budget Program. By spreading your costs over an 11-month period, you will no longer have the burden of paying for 75% of the oil you consume over the 4 months between December and March.

How do we do this? We simply take your annual usage and multiply it by a cost factor. We then add in the cost of the Service Plan and divide the final figure by 11 to determine your monthly payment. This program begins in August and ends in June with July being the settlement month for any balance.

When payments are made as agreed upon there are no finance charges. If you have a credit balance at the end of the month we will pay you interest on any credit balance. As an added convenience you may pay by Mastercard® or Visa® perhaps helping your frequent flyer miles or reward points toward a new car.


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